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What Is Two-stage Heating?

There are important factors to consider when installing an HVAC system. Basically, clients may choose a single stage, two-stage as well as variable speed furnaces. In most cases, two-stage heating furnace is given the first priority.

What is Two-Stage Heating?

Unlike a single stage furnace, two-stage heating system has a valve which may either be found in opened or closed position. This is the main reason as to why the burner is referred to as 2-stage. When home temperatures are very low, the valve opens fully to allow more fuel to burn which in turn provides more heat. As the temperatures inside become moderate, the valve opens partially to allow limited amount of fuel which then provides average heat. When the valve is partially open, the furnace is said to be operating at 65% capacity.

How a Two-Stage Heating Works

In a two-stage furnace, programming language is used to send instructions which act on depending on the temperature conditions of your home. When temperature is moderate, the control board sends instruction for the valve to open partially. This happens the same way during a cold day where the control board also sends instructions for the valves to open fully allowing more fuel to burn. When temperature conditions are right, the control board closes the valve allowing no more fuel. Much of this is achieved through the temperature set on the thermostat which activates the furnace on and off depending on the prevailing temperature conditions.

Why Choose a Two-Stage Furnace

A two-stage furnace is durable and effective. It offers continual comfort which comes with complete temperature monitoring as there are no temperature fluctuations. It works silently because it operates at half capacity. With a two-stage furnace, quality air is achieved through thorough filtration. In addition, it saves energy because it does not use a lot of fuel in most of the time. You also get dry air as circulation occurs more frequently therefore eliminating moisture.

Why You Should Choose Two-Stage Heating

Two-stage heating offers many benefits as compared to other furnaces. Depending on your requirements, it pays to spend a few extra dollars if a product will heat your home sufficiently, clean the air as well as save you money in terms of reduced energy costs. For these reasons, follow us for more articles that will keep your heating and cooling systems running efficiently.