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Where Did the Resin Beads in Your Plumbing Come From?

Are the small yellow and orange balls appearing in your water filters a cause for immediate concern? In the short term, no. These beads are non-toxic and most likely came from the water softener. While these beads aren’t likely to be harmful to your health short-term, you should have your plumbers inspect your water softener and plumbing system, as they most likely came from your water softener and might clog the faucet aerators and hamper the flow of water. 


Where Did the Resin Beads in Your Plumbing Come From? 


Where were these resin balls originally located, and how do plumbers remove them? Our plumbers and electricians at Efficient Systems explain in this post. 


How Did Resin Balls End Up in Your Water Filters? 


Water softeners use resin beads to remove minerals from hard water through ion exchange. Normally, a screen keeps the beads from entering your water filters and plumbing system. However, if the screen gets torn, beads can end up getting lodged in the aerator. 


If your water heater was made between 1993 and 1997, it’s also possible that the beads came from faulty plastic dip tubes. A lot of models manufactured within this period had this defect. Depending on the temperature and pH levels in your water heater, the tubes might break down into small pieces. Without the dip tube, cold water will mix with hot water, resulting in lukewarm water coming out of your faucet. If you notice any issues with your water supply, don’t hesitate to call your local plumbers—water heater repair might be needed. 


How the Beads Are Removed 


Flushing the water heater and other appliances that consume water should be enough to get rid of the beads. However, we strongly recommend having a plumber inspect your pipes and water heater, as there’s a chance plastic fragments may have damaged some of the pipework. 


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