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Why You Should Know Where Your Main Shut-Off Valve Is

Homeowners generally face at least one plumbing emergency in their lifetime–which means it’s crucial that you’re able to reach your main shut-off valve quickly should this occur. After all, the amount of time it takes to shut off the water will spell the difference between a small water spill and a major insurance claim. If you still don’t know where your main shut-off valve is, now is the time to change that. The trusted plumbers and electricians at Efficient Systems, Inc. share why it’s important to know this in today’s post.

main shut off valve

Avoid further damage to your home. Because a plumbing disaster can happen quickly, you want to make sure you can act just as fast. Knowing the location of your main shut-off valve is  a crucial first step in protecting your home from water damage. A little puddle of water on the floor beats wading into a flooded room full of valuables anytime. 

Reduce possible costs. You can probably already imagine just how expensive a plumbing emergency can be. It’s not just the broken plumbing system you have to worry about–you also have to take into account overall property damage and the increased possibility of mold and mildew growth. By turning off the main valve in time, you won’t have to deal with major issues like these–you’ll just need to have Efficient Systems, Inc., the reliable expert in water heater repair and other solutions, deal with your plumbing troubles.

Finding the Main Shut-Off Valve

Finding the shut-off valve is easy enough. If you still have the inspection report you received after buying your home, the location of the main shut-off valve should be indicated there. If not, you can check along the outside of the house. The main shut-off valve is rarely placed inside–in fact, you shouldn’t even bother checking any of the upper levels. Just follow the main water line and it should lead you to the valve. Once you find it, figure out the shortest path you can take to reach it from inside your home. 

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