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Brownsburg, IN Boiler Installation

Deciding when to replace your boiler is a tough decision. Many people want to replace their boiler when it is at the end of its lifespan, before a complete breakdown occurs. This can leave your home cold and your family members uncomfortable. Replacing your boiler before the end of it’s life makes a lot of sense, but determining when that time is is not always easy to predict. Fortunately, Efficient Systems knows the telltale signs that it’s time to replace your boiler. 

What’s the Difference Between a Boiler and a Furnace?

It is not uncommon for homeowners to use the names of heating appliances interchangeably. However, a boiler and a furnace are two different heating appliances, and the way that they work to heat up a home is quite different.

A furnace uses heat coils within the appliance to heat up cool air the system pumped into it. As the cool air comes into contact with the heat coils, the air heats up. Once heated, that air is pushed through the appliance using a blower fan. From there, the warm air is pushed into ductwork into your home. It is blown into the home using a series of air grates located on the wall or ceilings in your home.

A boiler uses water to heat air. A boiler heats up water contained in a series of tubes. As the water runs through tubes, it heats up cool air and produces steam. This steam and warm air circulate through the system and through a series of baseboard grates or radiators. These grates or radiators are located on the floor or low to the ground.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Existing Boiler in Brownsburg

When your boiler is at the end of its lifespan, it will often provide you with signs that now may be the best time to replace your boiler. Some of the most common signs that a boiler may give as it nears the end of its lifespan include:


One of the most signs that may be indicative of a boiler reaching the end of its lifespan is leaking. You should never see a puddle of water or condensation underneath your boiler. If you see water beneath or to the side of your boiler, there may be a problem that is either expensive or impossible to repair.

Bad Odors

You may notice bad odors coming from your boiler if you have not had your boiler routinely maintained and cleaned. If your boiler is regularly cleaned, or you have recently had it cleaned, and you smell foul odors, your unit may need to be replaced. If you smell a scent that smells similar to rotten eggs, you may have a gas line leak. Shut down your boiler and call a professional to help you.

Rising Energy Bills

There are a number of reasons why your energy bills may increase in the winter months. A boiler that is at or near the end of its lifespan is one of those reasons. Older boilers are not energy efficient, and they become less efficient as they near the end of their life. A heating professional can help you to determine if your boiler is using more energy than it should and if replacing it will help with your energy efficiency.

Strange Noises

When your boiler is operating, you should not hear any strange or new noises coming from the unit. If you hear grinding, screeching, squeaking or rattling sounds coming from the unit as it is in operation, the unit may need to be repaired or replaced.

No Hot Water

The final sign that it may be time to replace your boiler is that your boiler is not producing hot water. When you have no heat or hot water, you’ll notice right away. This is a tell-tale sign that your unit has reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced right away.

Why Trust Efficient Systems for Boiler Installation Services in Brownsburg?

There are many companies out there that offer boiler installation services in Brownsburg, Indiana. However, not every company is Efficient Systems. Here are a few of the ways that Efficient Systems differentiates itself from its competitors and why you should trust us for all of your boiler installation services.

In Business Since 1993

Efficient Systems has been in business for nearly 30 years. We are a reliable and trust-worthy company with decades of experience under our belts.

Uses the Latest Technology

At Efficient Systems, we are proud to use the latest technology techniques, and advancements to ensure we are helping our customers efficiently and effectively. We use the latest and greatest tools, repair methods and heating and cooling products.

Licensed Contractors and Certifications

All of our heating and cooling contractors are licensed and carry professional certifications. When one of our professional technicians comes to your home or business, you’ll know you are getting a heating and cooling professional who has the experience and expertise to install new heating and cooling units, make repairs, and maintain your heating and cooling devices.

Authorized Carrier Dealer

Here at Efficient Systems, we are proud to be an authorized Carrier dealer. Not every company has this opportunity, and we are pleased that Carrier has chosen to recognize our company as a leader in the industry and allow us to be an authorized dealer for their brand.

Financing Options

Efficient Systems knows that heating and cooling appliances are a necessity, but they can be expensive. This is why we offer financing options. We want to help keep your family comfortable in their home, at a price you can afford.

Customer Reviews

Lastly, our customer reviews tell you everything you need to know about our company. Our customers rave about us, and we invite you to read reviews and find out why our customers call us for all of their heating and cooling repairs and replacement services year after year.

Count on Efficient Systems for Quality Boiler Installation Services

When you need to have a boiler installed in your home, you can count on Efficient Systems to help you. Reach out to us today via email or phone to discuss the installation of a new boiler in your home.