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Brownsburg, IN Heat Pump Installation

Whether you are having a new heat pump installed or replacing an existing one, homeowners should choose Efficient Systems for heat pump installation services. Efficient Systems works hard to offer our customers the heating and cooling services that they need, when they need them the most. You can trust and rely on us to help you with all things heat pump-related, including installation, maintenance and repairs.

Signs Your Brownsburg Heat Pump Might Need to Be Replaced

Trying to determine when your heat pump may need to be replaced is not always easy. Many homeowners struggle with making one more repair versus replacing their unit. Knowing what the signs are that your heat pump is nearing the end of its life may help you to determine when your unit needs to be replaced. Here are some of those signs.

Frequent Repairs

Think about your heat pump like an older car. When your car is nearing the end of its lifespan, parts may start to break down and you may find your car needs lots of repairs. The same is true with heat pumps. As they reach the end of their lives, many things begin to break and you find yourself needing repair after repair.

Current System Is Older Than 10 Years

Heat pumps have a life expectancy range of 10 to 20 years, with most lasting around 15 years. If your heat pump is at or above the 10 year mark, and you are encountering issues with it, it may be time to replace yours.

Your Unit Isn’t Performing Well

Another common sign that it is time to replace your heat pump is your unit is struggling to heat or cool your home.  Hot or cold spots in your home is another sign of underperformance. A new heat pump can help resolve these issues. 

Your Energy Bills Are Rising

As your heat pump approaches the end of its life, it may become less energy efficient. In turn, your heat pump uses more energy to heat or cool your home, which increases your energy bill. Newer units are more energy efficient and can help you to save money on your heating and cooling costs.

Strange Noises or Odors

The final sign that your heat pump may need to be replaced is that you notice strange noises or odors coming from the unit. Odd scents or sounds you have not heard before are tell-tale signs your unit needs to be repaired or replaced.

Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump System in Brownsburg, IN

A heat pump is one of the most efficient ways to heat or cool your home. In the winter months, a heat pump can pull heated air from below the ground into your home, helping the inside of your home to warm up. In the summer months, the pump pulls heated air outside of your house, to help cool your home down. Here are some of the benefits associated with installing a heat pump system in Brownsburg, IN.

Provide Both Heating and Cooling

While the name of a heat pump may imply that it just heats spaces up, this is not true. A heat pump is able to both heat and cool your home, making it a functional heating and cooling device.

Energy Efficiency and Savings

One of the prominent benefits of a heat pump is that it is energy efficient. Since the unit uses less energy, this can help to provide energy savings to homeowners who opt for this heating and cooling appliance.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Heat pumps do not use air ducts to heat or cool your home. Air ducts often fill with dirt and dust, and then as air circulates in the duct, it blows that debris inside of your home. Since air pumps do not use ducts, they are able to keep the indoor air in your home cleaner.

Lower Carbon Footprint

The final benefit of a heat pump is that it can help to reduce your carbon footprint. A heat pump is one of the most green heating and cooling appliances on the market today.

How Do You Keep Your Heat Pump in Optimal Condition?

Heat pumps have an estimated lifespan of 10 to 20 years. There are many factors that affect how long your heat pump lasts, including how frequently it is used and the weather conditions it is exposed to. While you cannot control everything pertaining to the lifespan of a heat pump, maintaining it on a regular basis is something you can do to keep your heat pump in optimal condition. It is recommended that you have your heat pump serviced twice per year; in the spring and the fall. 

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