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Brownsburg, IN Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps are one of the most reliable ways to heat or cool your home day in and day out. However, just like any other type of appliance with moving parts, issues can occur and the unit may stop working efficiently or stop working altogether. If your unit is not working properly, call Efficient Systems for heat pump repair to fix the problem and get it operating properly once again.

Signs Your Brownsburg Heat Pump Needs Repair Services

In some cases, it is obvious that your heat pump is in need of repairs. It may not be heating or cooling your home, or the unit may not be turning on. In other cases, you may need to know what the signs are that indicate that heat pump repair is needed. Some of those signs include:

High Energy Bills

You expect your energy bills to increase when you are heating or cooling your home. However, if the bills have jumped drastically, your heating and cooling device may not be working efficiently. Repairs can help to ensure the unit is running as efficiently as possible and help combat high energy bills.

Short Cycling

Short cycling prevents a heat pump from completing its entire heating or cooling cycle. SHort cycling sounds like your heat pump is turning on, but then quickly shuts off. This puts unnecessary strain on parts within the heat pump and may prevent your home from heating or cooling properly.

Strange Odors or Noises

A heat pump should never make strange noises or introduce strange odors into your home. If your senses tell you that something smells off or sounds off when your heat pump is in operation, it’s a sign to call in the professionals.

Frozen Coils

A heat pump is designed so that coils can properly thaw out if they start to freeze. If your heat pump has frozen coils, one or more parts are not working properly and will need to be repaired.

No Heat

The final sign that your heat pump needs repairs is the most obvious. If your heat pump is not producing heat in the winter or cool air in the summer, call a technician to look for the cause. 

Should I Repair or Replace My Heat Pump?

One of the decisions homeowners often face is whether they should repair or whether they replace their heat pump. Some of the signs that you may be better off repairing rather than replacing a heat pump include:

It’s Under 10 Years Old

Most heat pumps last about 10 to 20 years. If your heat pump is 10 years or younger, it may still have a lot of life left in it. In most cases, it makes sense to repair, rather than replace, younger heat pump models.

Few Past Repairs

A heat pump will likely need at least a few repairs during the duration of its lifespan. If your unit has not needed many repairs in the past, it is probably still too young to replace it. 

The Repair is Minor

As you debate between repairing or replacing your heat pump, always weigh the cost of the repair versus the cost to replace the system. If the repair is fairly minor and inexpensive, it often makes more sense to complete the repair, rather than replace the entire unit.

There Is Still a Warranty On the System

The final sign that you may be better off repairing a system compared to replacing it is that there is still a warranty on the heat pump. If your unit is still under warranty, the manufacturer will cover repairs, so it often makes sense to keep the unit.

How to Care for Your Brownsburg Heat Pump System

One of the best things you can do to maintain and care for your Brownsburg, IN. heat pump system is to have the unit maintained, cleaned and inspected two times per year. If you use your unit year round, have it inspected in the spring and fall. Properly maintaining your heat pump system helps it last longer and keep it as energy efficient as possible. However, despite providing your heat pump with the best care, repairs may still be needed. Maintenance helps to minimize the chances you will need repairs, not prevent them altogether.

Contact Efficient Systems for Heat Pump Repair Services in Brownsburg

If your heat pump is not working as it should, it needs to be repaired. Having the unit repaired in a timely manner can prevent additional damage to the unit. Heat in the winter is not a luxury, its a necessity. If you’re without heat this winter, or your heat pump doesn’t provide relief in the summer,  reach out to Efficient Systems today for heat pump repair services in Brownsburg, Indiana.