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Air Conditioning Installation Services in Carmel, Indiana

For homeowners in Carmel, Indiana, a functioning heating and cooling system is essential to help fight off the hot, humid, Indiana summer heat. If you find yourself struggling with constant air conditioning repairs and air conditioning issues, it might be time to upgrade your AC unit. Efficient Systems offers air conditioning installation services in Carmel, IN to help you keep comfortable.

When you need help deciding whether upgrading your central air conditioning system is worth the investment, count on Efficient Systems NATE-certified technicians to diagnose your cooling system and offer you a quote for the work needed at a reasonable price. We are an authorized Carrier dealer, so you know that if you have us install your new system, you’ll have one of the best air conditioners in the industry. Call Efficient Systems today to schedule an appointment.


Signs Its Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

Getting a new air conditioning system installed is a big decision, and you want to know that you’re making the right choice to keep your family stays comfortable inside your home. Watch out for these signs that your air conditioner is nearing the end of its life.

Unit Older than 15 Years

If you’ve purchased an older home, or if your ac unit is now older than 15 years, it’s time to replace it with a more energy efficient model. Most air conditioning systems last around 10-15 years, and it’s not uncommon to need a replacement when it approaches this age.

Constant Repairs Needed

Homeowners that constantly calling for HVAC services to stay cool on the hottest days of the year can be frustrating and expensive. Speak with your HVAC technician about if replacement services are in your best interest.

Rising Energy Bills

When your air conditioner is at the end of its life, you might notice rising energy bills despite no changes in usage. As your air conditioning ages, its fairly common that your system will use more energy. You’ll notice that your energy bills will continue to rise even after repairing your air conditioning system.

Leaks From Unit

If your unit has leaks, this could be a sign that there is irreparable damage somewhere in your system. Refrigerant is a toxic chemical that should only be handled by a trained HVAC system technician. Call if you notice your air conditioning unit leaking.

Short Cycling

As air conditioning systems age, they are more likely to short cycle. Short cycling is when your system turns on and off very quickly without cooling your home. This might happen many times and can cause damage to internal components. If you’ve addressed the short cycling issue many times in the past, it’s time to consider replacement services.

Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioner?

Your air conditioning system needs repairs now and again as parts fail or become worn out, and a few repairs here and there is not abnormal. If you new to your home and are unfamiliar with the ac unit you inherited, or you are a new home owner and unsure about what air conditioner repairs are normal, you might wonder when you should start to consider replacing it. Here is how you should weigh the decision of whether to make repairs or replace your system. 

You Should Repair Your Air Conditioner If…

  • Unit is younger than 10 years old
  • The unit is still under warranty
  • Your air conditioner has needed very few repairs in the past
  • It is a minor repair

You Should Replace Your Air Conditioner If…

  • It’s 15 years old or older
  • The unit breaks down frequently
  • It no longer dehumidifies your home
  • Repairs are more expensive than a new air conditioning installation
  • You want to save money with a more energy-efficient air conditioner


Efficient Systems Offers Emergency Services

Being without reliable cooling services on the hottest day of the year is an emergency. Being without an air conditioner could be extremely dangerous to young children, elderly parents, and pets. Day or night, you can call on Efficient Systems to take your call and provide you with air conditioning service right away.

Since 1993, Efficient Systems has provided high-quality air conditioning repair services to Carmel, IN, and surrounding areas. We have NATE-certified technicians that are factory trained and can help provide valuable repair services for your home’s HVAC systems. We also offer help from our technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so all you have to do is dial us in case of an air conditioning unit emergency. 

Call Efficient Systems To Schedule Air Conditioning Installation in Carmel, IN

For the highest-quality AC installation services in Carmel, Indiana, call Efficient Systems. As a Carrier Authorized Dealer, we only provide our customers with the best systems on the market today. you can rely on us for all your air conditioning service needs such as maintenance, repairs, and installation. If you’re ready to upgrade your air conditioning system, contact Efficient Systems to schedule and appointment today.

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