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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Carmel, IN

Imagine if you went running every day in 90 degree heat. You’d have to stop and rest and drink some water before the stress of work finally took its toll. The same is true with your air conditioner. When it works hard all day outside in high temperatures, it get stressed out. Whereas you can drink water and rest to relieve the stress, your air conditioner cannot. That’s why you need to have air conditioning maintenance done every year, to help relieve the stress that takes its toll on your unit.

Efficient Systems offers air conditioning maintenance in Carmel, IN to keep your unit running reliably all summer long. A system tune up can help keep your air conditioner healthy and last a long time. You should have this regular maintenance performed every year, so if you haven’t schedules yours yet, call Efficient Systems.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Tune-Up Services

When the spring season starts in Central Indiana, you probably have a chore list a mile-long of things to do to clean up the yard. Make sure that scheduling your air conditioning maintenance is one of them. An ac tune up can be beneficial for a number of reasons, including:

Prevent Emergency Repairs

During an air conditioning tune-up, a trained technician will inspect your air conditioning unit for any signs of trouble. During a thorough inspection, your HVAC technician can alert you of any potential issues in your air conditioning unit. By fixing these problems early, your system will be ready to take on the added stress of the summer, so it won’t break down unexpectedly. Being without cool air in your home suddenly can be expensive to fix.

Extend Life of Your AC Unit

Tune-ups will ensure your air conditioning unit runs efficiently, therefore preventing it from working extra hard and wearing itself down ahead of its lifecycle. Tune-ups are one of the best ways to extend the life of your cooling system. Many manufacturer warranties will be voided if you have not conducted proper maintenance on your HVAC system, which can make repairs a lot more expensive.

Improve Air Quality

Cleaning out debris from your air conditioner is just one of the many services provided during an air conditioning tune-up. This alone can help improve the indoor air quality of your home, preventing allergy flare-ups and asthma attacks for family members that suffer from these issues.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Air conditioning maintenance service restores your system to its peak performance, meaning it will use as little energy as possible to cool your home. This boost in efficiency will be reflected in lower energy bills. Prevent sudden energy usage spikes with air conditioning maintenance.



How Often To Use Air Conditioning Tune-Up Services In Carmel, IN

A good rule of thumb is to schedule air conditioner maintenance service once a year, ideally before you turn on your air conditioner for the first time. Since Efficient Systems serves the Indianapolis and Carmel area, our calendars fill up quickly for residential tune up services. The sooner you schedule service with us, the sooner we’ll be able to perform the ac system maintenance you need.

You want to schedule maintenance in the spring because if your HVAC technician finds your ac unit needs a repair that requires a part, or that your air conditioner should be replaced, you can still be comfortable in your home without your air conditioner in the spring. If you can’t use your air conditioner until a new part arrives, it’s better to be without cool air in May than in July.

What Does an Air Conditioner Tune-Up Service Include?

Air conditioning tune-ups don’t take too long to complete. A typical service appointment lasts one to two hours. During this time, trained HVAC technicians will provide a wide range of services to make sure your air conditioner is working properly. These services can include:

Checking for leaks

Ensuring refrigerant levels are sufficient

Cleaning indoor condenser coils

Cleaning away debris from air filters or replacing the air filters

Cleaning and checking the drainage system of your air conditioning unit

Checking all electrical systems to ensure none are shorting or damaged

Cleaning and checking blower fan and other components

After these services are performed, your HVAC technician will inform you of any potential issues that can arise. This will ensure you initiate repairs as soon as possible and prevent costly damage from happening to your air conditioning unit.



Why You Can Trust Efficient Systems For Your Carmel, IN AC Tune-Up Service

Efficient Systems is one of the leading HVAC service companies in Carmel, Indiana. We offer a wide range of air conditioning services such as maintenance, repairs, and installation of a new system. We have a team of trained NATE-certified technicians that are knowledgeable and can provide you with quality services.

Efficient Systems is an authorized Carrier dealer. If you need any parts during your tune-ups, you’ll have confidence knowing you’ve received only the highest-quality parts for your air conditioning unit. All this comes at an affordable and honest cost, which is why our customers in Carmel, Indiana, and surrounding areas have continued to use our services since 1993.

Call Efficient Systems To Schedule Your Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Carmel, IN

One of the simplest ways to improve your air conditioning’s efficiency and save you the headache of future repairs is to schedule air conditioning tune-ups with Efficient Systems. We proudly serve the Carmel area with all kinds of HVAC services. Call us at Efficient Systems to schedule your annual maintenance appointment.

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