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Carmel, IN Boiler Repair

Homeowners that are using boilers to heat their homes need a reliable team to count on if any issues arise. Boilers can occasionally experience issues, so having a company that you can trust is key to fixing any issues quickly. Efficient Systems strives to be your go-to company for all of your heating and cooling needs, including boiler repairs.

Common Boiler Issues That Require Repairs

While boilers are relatively reliable, like any appliance, issues can arise. When these issues arise, it is best to get the problem repaired as early as possible, to help prevent the problem from becoming exacerbated and more costly to repair. Some of the most common issues that should alert you to the fact that your boiler needs repairs include:


Boilers operate by using water to produce steam, which in turn heats your home. This is a great way to heat a home, until a crack occurs. When this happens, you may notice water leaking from your boiler. This is an issue that needs immediate repair, or your home may not heat up.

Radiator Issues

The radiator is the system that is responsible for heating up the liquid or water that runs through the coils in your boiler. If your radiator is experiencing issues, you may notice that your home is not heating up to your desired setting. You may also hear unusual noises, such as grinding or banging, coming from the boiler.

Low Pressure

The amount of steam coming out of the grates in your home is not something the average person thinks about. However, most people can look at the amount of steam or heat being reduced and think to themselves that it looks normal or something looks off. If you notice a small amount of steam coming out, your unit may be suffering from low pressure, something a heating professional can repair.

Pilot Light Won’t Stay On

Your pilot light should stay on all day. It is not something that you should have to constantly relight or play around with. If your pilot light constantly blows out, you are in need of boiler repairs. If the pilot light goes out, your unit may shut down. Making sure the pilot light is functional is vital to the overall operation of your boiler.

Complete System Breakdown

The final sign that your boiler may need repairs is a complete system breakdown. This is the worst case scenario and typically happens if your unit is old or you missed the signs that your unit needed to be repaired. When this happens, your unit may not turn on at all or may not heat your home.

How To Avoid Boiler Issues in the Future

There is no way to guarantee that you will not have any boiler issues in the future. However, regular annual maintenance can help to reduce the chances of boiler problems from ruining your day. During a seasonal inspection, any present minor issues will be caught and addressed quickly to ensure that they don’t reoccur. Regular maintenance also helps your unit to work efficiently. This helps to avoid undue strain on your unit, which can cause parts to wear out faster than they should. Routine maintenance helps to minimize the number of repairs you will need, while also extending the lifespan of your boiler.

When to Schedule Boiler Replacement Services

Many boiler problems can be repaired, especially if they are caught early enough. However, in some cases, boiler issues require boiler replacement services to get the heat flowing again. If your unit is at the end of its lifespan, and the repairs needed are costly, or if the parts to repair your boiler are hard or impossible to come by, replacing your boiler, rather than repairing it, may make a lot more sense. If your boiler needs to be replaced, Efficient Systems’ team of experts can help.

Contact Efficient Systems for Boiler Repair Services

Boiler repairs help to extend the life of your boiler, while also ensuring your boiler is able to heat your home. If your boiler needs repairs, Efficient Systems can help you. Call us today to discuss the symptoms you are noticing, and let our technicians inspect and repair your unit.