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Heating Installation in Indianapolis, IN

Winters in the Indianapolis area are no joke. This is why it’s essential to have a heating system that operates in its prime, or you and your family will be in for an uncomfortable couple of months.

Fortunately, Efficient Systems can provide your home with a new heating system, no matter your circumstances. Do you need to replace your existing unit because your current one is giving you more trouble than it’s worth? Or are you moving into a new home that lacks a sufficient HVAC system? In any case, we can replace or install a heating system for you and your family. 

Signs That You Need a New Heating System

Unsure if you need a new heating system? Check out some tell-tale signs that indicate it’s time for a new unit:

The System Isn’t Blowing Warm Air

Are your home’s vents distributing lukewarm air or a weak flow of warm air? If so, the system isn’t operating properly. Our expert HVAC technicians can diagnose the problem and provide the right heating system for your home.

A Rising Electrical Bill

If you receive a higher-than-average electric bill and haven’t experienced any noticeable changes, a malfunctioning heating unit is likely to blame. Your unit might be working extra hard to keep up with your home’s heating demands, and the high electrical bill will reflect these circumstances.

Repairs Are Needed Frequently

Does it seem like a repair technician is at your house every other week trying to fix your heating equipment? At a specific point, you’ll be paying more for repair services than they’re worth. When you know your repairman better than your neighbors, it’s time to consider replacing your furnace.

Humidity Issues

Has your home’s air been feeling too dry lately? If so, your older furnace might be drying your home’s air. Replacing the system, or even installing a whole-home humidifier, can help.

Current System is Over 15 Years Old

Think back to when your current furnace was first installed. If it has been more than 15 years, you should consider getting a replacement. You can upgrade to a more energy-efficient model and save some money on operating costs in the long run.

Finance Your New Heating System

Are you worried about paying for your new heating unit? You shouldn’t be when you hire the team at Efficient Systems. Our company commits to making heating solutions affordable for everyone in Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding areas. The expense may be too much to pay in full right away, but we have several financing options to suit your needs.

With us, you’ll never have to step outside your monthly budget. We offer reasonable interest rates, low monthly payments, and flexible payment terms for residential and commercial clients in Indianapolis, IN. Get in touch with our team today to figure out a plan that works best for you!

Heating Systems from Efficient Systems

The heating system that’s right for your neighbor won’t necessarily be the best for your home. Check out the different types available from Efficient Systems:

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is an energy-efficient HVAC system that provides both cooling and heating for year-round comfort. During the warmer months, this device moves warm air from the inside to the outside. In the colder months, it uses an electrical system to extract warm air and disperse it throughout a building.

Geothermal Heating Systems

A geothermal heat pump extracts warm air from the ground. It’s a reliable warming method, as the ground’s temperatures remain more constant year-round.

Oil and Gas Furnaces

Oil and gas furnaces blow warm air through ducts and deliver it to rooms via grills or registers.


Boilers are water heaters that distribute warmth via hot water. The water gives up its warmth as it runs through radiators in various rooms.

Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant systems provide warm air directly to panels in a buildings’ floors, ceilings, or walls.

Why Trust Efficient Systems with Heating Installation Services?

Efficient Systems is a premier provider of heating installation services in the Indianapolis, IN, area. Our team has nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, so you can rest assured that you’ll have the most qualified technicians at your service.

All of our team members have NATE certification, meaning we possess the training and expertise to perform any job to your satisfaction. We’ll help you select the unit that’s right for your home and perform a thorough installation process to ensure it lasts for years to come.

Contact Efficient Systems for Heating Installation Services

Do you need heating installation services and are located in the Indianapolis, IN, area? Don’t hesitate to call the team at Efficiency Systems and schedule service! Our technicians are ready to set you up with a new unit and introduce comfort and warmth back into your residence.