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Indianapolis, IN Boiler Installation

Boilers are an excellent, dependable way to continue to heat your home. If you are thinking about replacing your existing boiler, or you want to switch from another type of heating system, boilers are a reliable heating option. You can expect your boiler to last about 15 years, providing you maintain your heating system by having minimal maintenance performed every year.

Why You Should Choose a Boiler

Choosing a boiler for your home is a great idea for a number of reasons. This is an affordable and dependable way to heat your home. A boiler will provide you with years of comfortable heat. You should choose a boiler because:

Exceptional Durability

Boilers are highly durable and able to stand up to temperature extremes. You will get 15 years or more out of your boiler system, especially when you invest in maintenance once a year.

Energy Efficiency

Boilers are able to heat your home without using excessive amounts of energy. If you are concerned about energy efficiency, consider a new boiler installation. As your boiler gets older, it will decrease in efficiency. Once your system is not efficient, investing in a new boiler will decrease your energy costs.

Even Heat Distribution

A good working boiler will provide your home with an even heat distribution throughout the interior of your home. You will be able to stay comfortable in every room in your home when you rely on a boiler system for heat. Boiler systems will reduce cold spots in your home, and you will know that a repair is needed when you discover cold areas in the home.

Effective Whole-Home Heating Ability

When you have a boiler to heat your home, you do not have to rely on any secondary heating source to complete your heating system. Your home will be warm, even on the coldest days. You will want to speak to one of our technicians about the correct size of boiler you need to keep your home warm efficiently.

Boilers Vs. Other Heating Systems

It might be hard to choose between boilers, furnaces, heat pumps and mini-split systems to heat your home. Allow us to explain the difference between them. A boiler heats up water and then sends the hot water out to your radiator system. Other types of heating systems use forced hot air to heat your home instead. When cold winter weather dries out the air in your house, you’ll want to keep the humidity levels up in your home. A boiler system can help you do that. Boilers distribute boiling water to your radiators which produces steam. Steam comes out of your radiators periodically, increasing the humidity in the space. Furnaces are similar to boilers, in that the heat is produced in the home and distributed through your home from a single source. Both are dependable ways to heat your home, and both boilers and furnaces have been used for decades to keep people comfortable. When you prefer steam heat over forced hot air, a boiler system is the right choice for your home.

Financing Options for Boiler Installations

If you need to have a new boiler installed in your home, there’s no need to pay for the entire thing out of pocket. At Efficient Systems, we understand that new heating systems are expensive for most homeowners. We offer a range of financing options to ease the burden of trying to pay for services with cash. Speak with a member of our team to learn more about our reasonable interest rates, low monthly payments, and flexible payment plans. 

We want you to get the work done on your heating system that you need to stay comfortable this winter. We will work with you to help you get financing so you can afford a new system. Don’t get caught with a heating emergency this winter, and invest in the repairs and installation you need today with one of our financing options. 

Why Should You Trust Efficient Systems?

At Efficient Systems, we have built our business by providing excellent services to residents throughout Indianapolis. We are proud of our reputation, and we treat every job with the attention to detail it deserves. We have been in business since 1993, and every technician we hire is NATE-certified. We can talk to you about the various services we offer, and we are always ready to handle your heating needs during an emergency. 

As a leader in the heating and cooling industry, our reputation is important to us. We will carefully look over your heating system, and make recommendations to either repair or replace your system depending on what we find. Our happy customers understand that we do not recommend work that isn’t needed at this time, and we do not complete work on your home until you understand the estimate of the work to be done. Call Efficient Systems today and experience the difference in quality of work our HVAC technicians provide.