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Indianapolis, IN Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps can provide you with years of excellent heating and cooling, but finding an experienced HVAC company that you trust can be difficult. At Efficient Systems, we have years of experience to help you with any issues on your heat pump, and make repairs as needed. You can also rely on us to help keep your heat pump in great condition with seasonal maintenance twice a year. Get to know Efficient Systems and trust us for your Indianapolis heat pump repairs.

Common Heat Pump Problems That Require Repairs

Heat pumps are great systems to heat and cool your home, but there are a number of common heat pump problems that indicate you need a repair. You may need to have your heat pump repaired if you experience:

Never-Ending Cycles

If your heat pump continually turns on and off, it’s not going to efficiently heat or cool your home. When you notice long cycles, your system is not reaching the right temperature and turning off. Get your heat pump inspected when it runs for very long periods of time. 

A Lack of Cooling

When the temperature is hot outside, you’ll start relying on your heat pump to cool down your home. However, if you’re suffering in the heat even though you can hear your heat pump running, something is wrong. Try restarting your heat pump, and then call Efficient Systems if you still can’t find relief from the heat. 

A Lack of Heating

A lack of heat is a clear indication that something is going on with your heat pump system. The problem could be as simple as a clogged air filter, and you can check this yourself and replace it if needed.

The System Won’t Turn On

When your heat pump won’t turn on, make sure that you haven’t lost power to your unit. Check your circuit breakers to see if any of them have tripped. If power isn’t an issue, you could have a problem with the thermostat or another component of your heat pump.

Rises in Utility Costs

A steep increase in the cost of heating and cooling your home could be due to a malfunctioning heat pump. As your heat pump gets older, it is less efficient at heating and cooling your home. Look at usage rates from last year to see if usage has increased, or if the cost is due to rate increases.

When to Repair Vs. Replace Your Heat Pump

It is beneficial to know when it is time to replace your existing heat pump instead of repairing it. At Efficient Systems, we are ready to assess your existing heat pump to see what is going on. One of our professional technicians will be able to help you determine if your system is worth fixing, or if it is time for a new heat pump installation. If your heat pump is more than 15 years old and needs continual repairs, that means it’s time to install a new heat pump in your home. Our technician will talk to you about your options when it comes to heat pump repairs and if its worth fixing or replacing. 

Why Do Heat Pumps Require Repairs?

A heat pump system is used throughout the year, and this is why it tends to need more frequent repairs than just your heating system or air conditioner. You should have your heat pump serviced twice a year, before the cooling season and again before the heating system. When you take good care of your heat pump with routine maintenance, your system is less likely to require an emergency repair.

 If you are concerned about issues with your heat pump, get your system inspected and serviced. Our technician can talk to you about any issues uncovered during an inspection, and recommend any repairs that you need. Changing air filters, and keeping your system free of debris are other things you can do to keep your system running well throughout the year.

The Best Heat Pump Repair Service in Indianapolis, IN

When you work with Efficient Systems for heat pump repair service in Indianapolis, IN, you get the care and attention you deserve from a quality HVAC company. We understand the importance of keeping your heat pump in good working order, and we only hire NATE-certified technicians to handle all of your heat pump needs. Whether you need a heat pump repair in your home, or you are looking for a new heat pump installation, it’s time to see why Efficient Systems is a leader in the HVAC industry throughout Indianapolis.

 We are proud of our reputation, and we are not happy until you are satisfied with the work that has been done on your home. If you are looking for the best heat pump repair service in the area, we are ready for your call. From routine maintenance to emergency heat pump repair, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle your heat pump system.