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Noblesville, IN Boiler Installation

Boilers can be an extremely effective way to heat a home in Noblesville, Indiana. They are reliable systems that can replace furnaces, heat pumps, and other heating systems. However, despite their reliability, they do not last forever and there will come a point in time when your boiler needs to be replaced. It’s important to learn the signs that your boiler may need to be replaced so you can prepare to have a new boiler installed on your terms instead of an emergency replacement. 

Efficient Systems is ready to help customers in Noblesville, IN learn more about boilers and when it’s time to have a new boiler installed. Contact us today for boiler service, maintenance, or installation. 

Signs You Need to Replace Your Existing Boiler in Noblesville

One of the dilemmas that you face as a homeowner is deciding when to replace something in your home. If you replace something too soon, you may be missing out on the remaining lifespan that the appliance could have provided to you. If you wait too long to replace the appliance, it could suddenly die on you. When it comes to boilers, you do not have to wonder when it is time to replace your appliance. The appliance will give you signs that it needs to be replaced. Some of the signs that you need to replace your boiler include:


  • Strange Noises –  You may hear gurgling or water sounds coming from your unit as the water boils and cools down. This is fairly normal. However, what is not normal are any rattling, clanking, banging or grinding noises. If you hear these sounds, your unit may need to be repaired or a replacement may be needed.
  • No Hot Water – Many boilers help produce heat in your home, as well as hot water. If your boiler is not producing hot water, it is also not producing heat. No hot water is a sign that you likely need to have a new boiler installed.
  • Leaking – Minor leaks may be repairable. Unfortunately though, major leaks in a boiler are not. If you see a large puddle of water coming from the boiler or beneath a radiator, your unit likely needs to be replaced.
  • Bad Odors –  Another sign that your boiler may need to be replaced is strange odors being emitted as the boiler is heating your home. Removing odors from a boiler is near impossible. If something starts to smell funky, its time to consider replacing your unit. 
  • Rising Energy Bills –  As your boiler reaches the end of its lifespan, it takes longer to produce the amount of heat needed to heat your home. This causes the unit to use more energy. Monitor your energy usage to see if it’s dramatically increasing. This is a big sign that your boiler needs attention and probably replacement. 

Benefits of Buying a Boiler for Your Noblesville Home

Once you have determined that it is time to replace your boiler, the next decision is selecting a new boiler for your home. There are many factors you need to consider when shopping for a new boiler. A great heating and cooling company can explain the differences between various types of boilers and help you make an informed decision as to which water heater is right for your home. Some of the benefits associated with buying a new boiler for your home include:


One of the biggest benefits associated with buying a new boiler for your home is that a new boiler is quiet. Older boilers are much louder than newer ones are.


As boilers age, they require more attention and are not as reliable of a heat source as they once were. If you’re expecting issues with your boiler as the temperature drops, then you may start shopping for a new boiler. A newer unit will be much more reliable than an older one. 

Cost Savings

New boilers are more energy efficient than older models, which means they help to reduce your heating expenses. As a result, you may notice lower energy bills and some cost savings.

Even Heating

As your boiler nears the end of its lifespan, it may not heat your home efficiently. You may notice one part of your home is toasty warm, and another part of your home is much cooler. Newer units can evenly heat your home, so uneven heating is a thing of the past. 

Energy Efficient

The final benefit of buying a new boiler is that newer boilers are more energy efficient than they have ever been. Technology has ensured that newer units use less energy to produce more heat, which can not only help you save money, but can help you do your part for the environment.

Finance Your New Boiler System with Efficient Systems

Paying for a boiler out of pocket can be challenging for many households. That is why Efficient Systems is happy to offer financial options for heating and cooling appliances, including boilers and boiler installation services. To learn more about the financing that we offer or to find out if you qualify, visit for more information.

Contact Efficient Systems for High-Quality Boiler Installation Services

If your boiler is approaching or has exceeded the end of its lifespan, now is the perfect time to replace it with a new, more efficient and more reliable model. Our staff can help you pick out a new boiler and install it for you in the greater Noblesville, Indiana area. Make a boiler installation service appointment with us today.