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Noblesville, IN Furnace Installation

If your furnace is unreliable or is older, you may find yourself worrying and wondering if it will make it through the winter months unscathed. No one should have to worry about their heating going out on a cold Indiana winter night. Replacing your home’s existing furnace with a new system is the best way to ensure that your system will work all winter long and prevent you from worrying about what to do if you find yourself suddenly without heat. 

Prepare yourself for extra cold winters by having a new furnace installed. Efficient Systems can help you determine when it is time to replace your system, help you select a new system for your home and install it for your family.

Should I Repair or Replace My Noblesville Furnace?

In some cases, it is better to repair a furnace. In other cases, it is better to replace a furnace. Learning when you should repair and when you should replace the system can help give you a plan for the future. Of course, a great heating and cooling company can help you determine whether repair or replacement is best. 

It’s Better to Repair Your System If:

In most cases, it is better to repair your furnace system if your furnace is under 10 years old and has not needed multiple repairs in the past.  If your furnace is generally reliable, repairing the issues is usually the right choice. The cost of the repair should also factor into your decision. If you’ve stayed up on regular maintenance, there is a good chance that your unit is under warranty still. Some repairs can be covered by the warranty to offset repair costs. Making repairs that are fairly minor and inexpensive may make more sense when compared to the cost of buying and installing a new furnace.

It’s Better to Replace Your System If:

If your furnace is older than 10 years old, if your furnace has needed multiple repairs and has become unreliable, or if your furnace is no longer energy efficient. This is when replacing the furnace may make the most sense. Additionally, if the repair is extensive or difficult to get a hold of, then you’ll want to start considering replacing your furnace.

Signs You Need a New Furnace

If you have an older furnace, you may find yourself questioning whether this is the year you need to replace your unit or whether you can try to make it one more winter. Fortunately, you are not guessing blindly in the dark. Furnaces tend to give you signs that they are approaching the end of their life cycle; you simply need to know what to look for. You will likely need to replace your furnace if you notice the following signs:

More Than 15 Years Old

Furnaces typically last about 15 years, as long as they are cared for and properly maintained. If your unit is 15 years or older, preemptively replacing your unit makes a lot of sense. This prevents your unit from suddenly failing due to old age.

Comfort Issues

A key sign that it may be time to replace your furnace is that your furnace won’t heat your home to your desired setting. If you hear your unit turning on, but your home isn’t getting warm enough for you, your unit is not up for the task and should be replaced.

High Energy Bills

Always pay attention to your energy bills when you are running your furnace. While your bill may naturally increase on colder nights, if you consistently see the bill increasing and it does not equate to temperature drops, then your unit may be telling you it is working harder without effectively heating your home. This is a key indicator that your appliance’s life may be coming to an end.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Not many people equate their furnace to indoor air quality. However, a furnace filters and cleans the air before distributing it into your home. If your furnace is at the end of its lifespan, you may notice a decrease in the quality of your indoor air. You may notice more dust around your house or an increase in allergy symptoms.

Short Cycling

Short cycling can put a lot of strain on your furnace. Short cycling is when your unit turns on, but quickly turns off. It may do this several times. This can signal that your furnace is approaching the end of its life cycle.

Strange Noises or Sounds

The last sign that can be indicative of a furnace at the end of its lifespan is a unit that makes strange noises or sounds. While some strange noises or sounds can be repaired, others are too costly to repair or cannot be repaired at all.

How to Care for Your New Heating System

Your furnace needs to be taken care of in order for it to work reliably every winter. During the fall, call Efficient Systems to schedule your annual furnace inspection. One of our experienced technicians will clean and lubricate your furnace as well as look for any potential problems. They may repair your furnace if it needs it. You should have your furnace tune-up in the warmer months before you begin to rely on your furnace to heat your home daily. 

Furnaces absorb a lot of dust, so it’s important to make sure the area around your furnace is clean. Also be sure to change your furnace’s air filter every 90 days. A clean air filter will help improve indoor air quality and keep your furnace running efficiently. 

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