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Westfield, IN Boiler Installation

Nothing good ever comes from procrastinating heating and cooling repairs. You might have reasons that require a new boiler installation instead of service if Efficient Systems deems your old one too much of a liability. Think of it as an investment in your future instead of your past if you have a new boiler installed.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Existing Boiler in Westfield

Replacing a boiler doesn’t always come at a convenient time. But a new Westfield, IN boiler will alleviate all the headaches caused by your current boiler. If you’ve noticed any of the following signs, it’s time to consider replacing your boiler. 


Most leaks come from rusty pipes, but they also might have occurred because of an accidental puncture. Additionally, excess water pressure against the valves could result in drips or leaks.

Sometimes, you can stop the situation temporarily by replacing a pipe or two or sealing the leak. However, you’re eventually going to have to replace your whole boiler. The life expectancy is about 15 years, but we advise you to replace it after about 10 years to maximize its efficiency.

Bad Odors

Bad odors might indicate possible water contamination. You don’t want that because it could make you sick. Bacteria and mold might grow in your boiler or water heater pipelines. Make sure you address this issue immediately. It’s one cause for an urgent boiler installation.

Rising Energy Bills

The cost of a new boiler might seem overwhelming if you’re on a tight budget. However, you’ll also need to think about how much money you spent on your existing unit. Is it really worth it to keep fixing it if your energy bills also keep rising? Efficient Systems offers financing for most HVAC replacement units.

Strange Noises

If you hear strange sounds coming from your boiler like a tea kettle or clanging and whistling, you might need to release excess air from your radiators and have your water pressure checked. Call Efficient Systems to inspect your outdoor pipes in case these pipes are frozen too.

Our experts might try fixing the connected pipes. However, based on the extent of repairs needed may prompt you to consider replacing your boiler. It’s better to have it done sooner rather than later if you can. Remember, the problem will only become more expensive if you don’t tend to it now.

No Hot Water

Perhaps frozen water or debris made its way inside your boiler pipelines. This clogging might cause lowered water pressure, and you won’t have any water for heating, cooking or cleaning.

Financing for New Boiler Systems

We want your entire household or commercial property to feel comfortable. If you’re struggling to balance the indoor climate, you might need a new heating system. You’ll also enjoy lowered utility bills, fewer repairs and less noise.

Tax incentives and rebates often come with purchasing your boiling units. We provide financing for just about all the HVAC equipment we sell and install. Furthermore, we can set you up with a maintenance program to keep your boiler working.

Find out more about our low-interest loans and flexible payment plans. 

Why Trust Efficient Systems for Boiler Installation Services in Westfield?

It’s hard to find a reliable and experienced HVAC repair team. Here’s why you should trust Efficient Systems for boiler installation services in Westfield:

  • Certified and Licensed contractors – We only send NATE certified technicians to your home or business. They have all the proper licensing acquired after undergoing rigorous HVAC service testing.
  • Authorized Carrier dealer – We have used Carrier boilers and offer at least nine different models. They can be fueled by either gas or oil.
  • Reviews – Customers have raved about Efficient Systems installation services technicians being “a pleasure to work with.”
  • In business since 1993 – With almost 30 years of service in heating and air conditioning repair, see why our customers call us back again and again. 
  • Uses the latest technology – Efficient Systems is a modern company with modern heating and cooling solutions. We now connect HVAC equipment via GPS, Remote Technician Software and Customer Asset Tracking.
  • Energy Star compliant – You’re guaranteed efficiency with each boiler installation. Boilers are environmentally friendly and keep your heating costs low.

Our services extend to every season. Therefore, you can use us as your method of prevention before your boiler, furnace or air conditioner breaks down. We also respond to urgent calls when an unexpected disaster hits. Call Efficient Systems to inspect your HVAC system when you move into a new home or office.

Count on Efficient Systems for Quality Boiler Installation Services

Call Efficient Systems serving Westfield, IN and surrounding areas at 317-751-9611. You can count on us for quality boiler installation services for reasonable monthly payments.