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Westfield, IN Boiler Repair

Boilers are a fuel efficient way to heat your home. If you own a Westfield, IN home that has a boiler, Efficient Systems can make sure your boiler is operating at its full potential. If your boiler is giving you lots of trouble, call us for reliable boiler repairs. If your boiler is exceptionally old, or you’re tired of constant repairs, we can install new boilers too. 

How Does a Boiler System Work?

A boiler uses hot water instead of the forced air required by a gas furnace to keep a house warm. Pipes usually run under the floorboards to radiators or baseboard heaters. As the water travels through the subfloor pipes, it heats up in an exchanger and warms up each room.

Some boilers run at a higher efficiency rating than some forced-air furnaces. It’s because water conducts heat better than the air. Water is warmed up and stays hot for longer periods. Here’s some additional advantages of boilers:

  • Even heat distribution – Heat circulates better throughout a home or business than furnace heat.
  • Radiant heat supply – Heat from the pipes stays close to the floor under the feet. Your feet will stay warmer than when heat blows out from a wall vent.
  • Object versus rising heat – Heat doesn’t rise to the ceiling as quickly as radiator heat. Instead, objects near the floor retain it.

Common Boiler Issues That Efficient Systems Can Repair in Westfield

If you’re new to your house with a boiler, it’s a good idea to understand how it operates. Some noises are normal, others are not. If something seems off, it probably is. Be aware of these common signs that your boiler needs repairs:

Odd noises

The most common noises include gurgling, whistling or banging. However, you might also notice leaking or dripping sounds when pipes begin to rust.

Odd noises can also indicate that air has invaded the system, or the water pressure is too low. Limescale buildup or a damaged pump also can result in unusual boiler sounds.

Frozen condensate pipe

It occurs in some outdoor pipes on some boilers made after 2005. Condensation sometimes freezes and causes heating system blockages.

It sometimes requires replacement, but repair might be possible. We can inspect your frozen pipes to help you come up with the best possible solution. For instance, your outdoor pipe might require some insulation to prevent it from freezing in the future.  Boiling at a higher temperature might also help. If you do, remember to turn down the thermostat after the cold water heats up.

Thermostat issues

A malfunctioning thermostat will have issues regulating the heat in your house. Check the settings or see if your thermostat needs new batteries. In other cases, the wiring might need maintenance, or the entire thermostat might need to be replaced. Inaccurate temperature readings are a sign it needs replacement.


Sometimes, your boiler rumbles just like when water boils in a tea kettle on the stove. When this occurs, you might need a professional to scrape out the limescale build up  or sludge out of your heat exchanger. You should notice an improvement in performance. If not, the exchanger might need replacement.

No heat or hot water

If you notice that  the boiler doesn’t provide you with any hot tap water and your radiators aren’t emitting any heat, this is a sign your boiler is having issues. Surfaces that should feel warm also feel cold. If you notice any of these signs, you’ll need repair or replacement of the thermostat, condensate pipe or other parts.


Leaks occur most often when excess pressure damages water valves. They also happen when pump seals become worn and need replacement. Pipe corrosion, especially around the water tank, also causes leaking and requires replacement services.

Low pressure

Perhaps dust or debris has accumulated somewhere in the boiler pipelines. However, it usually occurs because of leaks or water freezing. Gradual wear and tear sometimes cause this issue as well and when you let excess air out of your radiator.

How to Prevent Boiler Emergencies

Preparation is always key in emergencies. You should create an evacuation plan and make sure your emergency shut-off switches work. If possible, also make sure you have an alternative fuel supply. You’ll also want a our boiler repair team perform these preventative actions:

  • Schedule yearly inspections – You can book an appointment with us. We’ll come check for leaks around your entire boiler, radiator and pipelines.
  • Clean it often – We recommend cleaning the condensate trap at least once a year. You’ll also want the burner mesh cleaned as often as possible.
  • Replace critical parts – This includes any gaskets that would wear out and cause leaks. Furthermore, make sure you have your igniter, flame rods and heat exchanger examined.
  • Use water treatment – This will prevent waterside scaling and will maintain your boiler’s efficiency.
  • Calibrate the combustion – Sometimes the combustion needs adjustment. You can use an analyzer to calibrate it.

Contact Efficient Systems for Reliable Boiler Repair Services in Westfield

If it’s a boiler repair emergency, contact Efficient Systems immediately. You can also schedule reliable boiler repair services serving Westfield and surrounding areas. Call 317-751-9611 to request an annual inspection.