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Westfield, IN Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps are a reliable HVAC system that can heat and cool your home by using less energy than a traditional furnace and air conditioner. If you’re interested in upgrading to this green technology, or simply want to replace your current system, call Efficient Systems to install a Westfield, IN heat pump in your home. 

Signs Your Heat Pump Needs to Be Replaced

Heat pumps, like all HVAC units, will need service. How frequently you need service is dependent on how well you take care of your heat pump and the age of the heat pump. Even if you stay on top of regular maintenance, a heat pump will need to be replaced eventually. If your heat pump requires frequent expensive repairs, we recommend you have a new one installed as soon as possible.

Your Energy Bills Are Rising

Higher utility costs typically indicate the need for HVAC repairs or replacements. One or two repairs a year is not uncommon. Any more than that is a sign that something worse is going on with your heat pump. If your bills are rising and you need service frequently, replacing your heat pump could solve both problems. A new heat pump will be more fuel efficient so you’ll notice lower heating and cooling costs, as well as fewer service calls. 

Strange Noises or Odors

When a heat pump doesn’t work right, you might hear swishing noises. You might also hear banging or rattling if a part or screw has come loose. Unusual high-pitched humming or squeaks could indicate a bigger heat pump problem.

If you begin to notice a sudden musty odor, like dirty socks, it could be bacteria and mold growing on your evaporator. This can often be remedied by a cleaning. Rotten egg, burning, or sewer smells are often indicators of a gas leak. Turn off your heat pump right away and call Efficient Systems for help. 

Frequent Repairs

It’s a smart idea to keep track of how much you spend on heat pump repairs. Simultaneously, it’s wise to price the cost of heat pumps that fit with your HVAC system. You may find that the price of frequent service calls might be about the same as a new heat pump. A new heat pump will require fewer repairs than your old one, which will save you money and frustration in the future. 

Current System Is Older than 10 Years

The general lifespan of a heat pump is 10-20 years. If you stay on top of regular maintenance, the better chances it has to live up to the end of its projected lifespan. If frequent problems on a 10 year old heat pump are driving you crazy, then it’s time to replace it with a newer model. 

Your Unit Isn’t Performing Well

If you’re new to your home and you’re not familiar with your heat pump, try your best to find service records or see how old it is. If you find that it’s just not performing up to your heating and cooling standards, replacing it with a newer model is a smart move. 

Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump System

Heat pumps circulate the warm air to colder spots in your home. Installing a heat pump offers a variety of benefits.

  • Provide both heating and cooling – Electric heat pumps do not require oil, propane, or other fuel to operate.
  • Energy savings – Having a new heat pump installed will increase your existing unit’s efficiency.
  • Improved indoor air quality – Circulate fresh air from outside more frequently than a furnace. Heat pumps work with zoned systems too, keeping the air circulating in a small area instead of the whole house.
  • Lower carbon footprint – They can reduce your carbon footprint by approximately 30 – 60 percent, depending on the type of unit you choose. 

Before you purchase a heat pump, contact the knowledgeable heating and cooling team at Efficient Systems. We can help you weigh your options about which type of heating and cooling system is best for you, and then we’ll install your new unit so you can be comfortable again. 

Financing for New Heat Pump Systems

We want you to feel comfortable at your home and office. This pertains to all HVAC systems including heat pumps, furnaces, air conditioning or boiler systems.

Financing comes to you in low-interest monthly payments you can afford. Upon upgrading your HVAC system, you also will tap into these advantages:

  • Reduced utility costs
  • Fewer repairs
  • Tax incentives or rebates
  • A quieter environment
  • Flexible payment options

In addition to financing for your new heat pump system and other equipment, you can sign up for a maintenance plan. Learn more about financing options here.

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