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Westfield, IN Heat Pump Repair

Your heat pump runs year-round, circulating both cool and warm air. Because of this, Efficient Systems, serving Westfield, IN, encourages you to have your equipment checked often. It could extend the life of your entire HVAC system if you have it regularly serviced. 

Signs Your Westfield Heat Pump Needs Repair Services

If you’re new to a home with a heat pump system, or your heat pump has worked fine up until recently, these are the signs that your heat pump needs repairs and what the cause might be:

  • Frozen coils – This issue indicates a potential problem with the unit’s defrost cycle. You can switch it off and on to manually thaw until you have it fixed.
  • No heat – There are many potential reasons why your heat pump might not be producing heat. If it’s the blower, that might occur because of a broken belt. Fixing the belt will allow the motor and pump to function the way they should.
  • High energy bills – The air filter might need a good cleaning, or some valves might cause it to work harder to run.
  • Short cycling – Some parts need cleaning or replacement. The air filter or one of the fans or valves might need changing.
  • Strange noises – Aside from initially turning on, you shouldn’t notice loud sounds coming from your unit. If so, it probably has loose parts or could use some insulation. The most common weird sounds include squeaking or rattling.
  • Unusual Odors – If your heat pump smells musty, its likely mold grew inside your heat pump, or faulty wires could have touched the water. A burning smell could mean melting plastic when the pump overheats might also be a reason. A rotten egg smell could be a sign of a gas leak. It’s a good idea to turn off your heat pump and call Efficient Systems right away if you notice any of these odors. 

Should I Repair or Replace My Heat Pump?

You don’t always have to replace your heat pump. We’ll help you determine if it’s best to repair or replace your heat pump. As a general rule of thumb, however, you might be able to repair your heat pump if:

It’s Under 10 years

If it’s not the pump, it could be the thermostat. That’s usually an easy fix. However, you might not know for sure unless you have us look at it.

Either way, you can preserve your pump by making sure you repair it as often as necessary if it’s less than 10 years old. At this age, it shouldn’t usually cost much.

Few past repairs

If you haven’t needed to fix it yet, but perhaps you notice your home doesn’t get up to the desired temperature, repair it. These minor maintenance steps might make it last longer than you expected.

The repair is minor

Sometimes, you can tackle the repairs yourself. But if you don’t have all the tools and parts needed to get your unit working, there’s a chance it could be a small part that needs replacing. For example, replacing a seal that’s hard to reach might be a pretty light service call.

There’s still a warranty on the system

We recommend having all repairs done while still under warranty. Our trained experts can inspect the heat pump quickly and give you an assessment. You might as well let us if we’re already coming to check your heat pump anyway. 

Maintenance for Your Westfield Heat Pump System

You can perform several maintenance steps to keep your Westfield heat pump working. For instance, we advise that you change the air filter as often as possible. Check it about once a month. Ensure no natural leaves, plant foliage, or other outside debris enters its interior. Furthermore, watch for ice buildup and make sure the frozen water doesn’t cut off airflow. 

Since your heat pump can work year round, it works twice as hard. Have your heat pump inspected and cleaned twice a year. Once in the spring, and again in the fall. Doing this before you start relying on your heat pump for heat or cooling needs can help prevent issues from arising in extreme temperatures. 

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