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Zionsville, IN Boiler Installation 

From furnaces to heat pumps and beyond, homes in Zionsville are heated by a number of different systems. Though extremely effective and reliable, boilers are often overlooked when it comes to home heating systems.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Boiler

To choose a replacement boiler you need to know if your system operates on water or steam. If you have radiant heating, it’s usually a hot water system. If you have radiators, look at them to see what type of system they are on. When your system starts up, if there are small valves on the sides of the radiators that release air, then it’s a steam system. If there are no vents on the radiators, then you have a hot water system.

You can also look at the boiler itself to find out if your system runs on hot water or steam. Signs of your boiler being a steam one include a steam pressure controller that is a small rectangle with a clear glass front that lets you see inside it. It will generally have a manufacturer’s name on it also. There’s also a glass tube on a steam boiler where you can see the water level and this is part of a steam heating system. Steam boilers also have a single pipe for the steam to leave and return to the unit.

You should choose the same type of fuel source as natural gas propane or heating oil. If you have natural gas, you get a bill each month for your use. If you have propane, your fuel is stored in a tank outside of your home and if you use heating oil, it will be in a tank either inside or outside your home with the burner being on the front of an oil boiler itself.

The right size boiler is crucial to your heating system. If you choose a size that is too small, it will be inefficient and run constantly. If you choose a boiler that is too large it will short cycle, cost more for heating, be inefficient and the life of the unit is greatly reduced.

Boiler Replacement Services

If you already use a boiler in your home for your heating system and it’s over a few years old, then you may benefit from a new boiler. The newer models are more energy-efficient and save you a considerable amount of money on your energy costs per year. Efficient Systems can find the perfect boiler for your home that will pay for itself quickly in monthly savings. Newer models also come with warranties and if your boiler is older, it is most probably out of warranty and will begin to be expensive when replacing parts.

Install A Boiler in Your Recently Constructed Home

If you have recently built a home or are just starting on the groundwork of a new home, our experts at Efficient Systems can install the perfect boiler for you for heating needs. Our experts can help you to choose the correct size and configuration of the boiler to be the most efficient and the longest lasting. We can handle the installation process from start to end as a turnkey process to ease.

Financing For Boiler Installation

At Efficient Systems, we offer financing options to fit your needs. We realize that an entirely new heating system can be quite an expense and we are here to help with that. We offer flexible payment terms with low monthly payments that you can easily afford and have reasonable interest rates. We understand that in Zionsville, IN you absolutely need a heating system that is reliable and our financing options can greatly help you with this.

Choose Efficient Systems for Boiler Services

Efficient Systems is the best boiler installation company in Zionsville, IN. We have been the premier choice for homeowners since 1993. All of our technicians are highly experienced and have been rigorously tested to pass the NATE certification in order to serve all your needs in home heating and its components.

Schedule Boiler Installation Services with Efficient Systems

If you are considering a new boiler for your home, you can contact us for a quick appointment in order to fulfill your every need. No matter if your system is older and starting to need a lot of service, you are looking for a more energy-efficient and long-lasting system, or if yours completely quits, we have a 24/7 phone line in order to help you immediately so you aren’t left in the cold.