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Zionsville, IN Boiler Repair 

A boiler is one type of heating system containing many integral parts that must all function correctly in order to heat up your home to a comfortable temperature. Overtime, issues can develop with any of the parts and can become inoperable due to usage and age. We know how much you rely on your boiler system for heat in the winter and at Efficient Systems, we can help you by providing quick and effective solutions to get your home warm again.

When To Have Your Boiler Repaired

Fortunately, several different signs can alert you that your boiler isn’t working properly so you can call Efficient Systems for repairs to get it back up and running as it should.

Uneven Heating Throughout the Home

You may have uneven heating in your home with a boiler system for several reasons. If you’ve changed your radiators to a larger size for more warm air in your home, they may actually be too big for the boiler to keep up with. This creates uneven heating. If your radiators are dirty and need cleaning or there is sludge causing a blockage or a restriction in the pipework, it can also cause uneven heating in the system. Your boiler’s thermostat could be faulty or your heat pump may be malfunctioning as well. All of these items require a service call in order to correct them.

The Unit Won’t Start

The main reasons that cause your boiler to be ineffective and not even start to warm your home all require a service call from a professional to diagnose and repair your heating system. It could be that your thermostat is faulty so it doesn’t send a signal for the boiler to come on. It can be an electrical problem with the electronic ignition for the pilot light, a safety blower, circuit breakers, or switches. Your unit may not be getting enough gas supply to turn on or you may have a major faulty component in your system.

You Hear Unusual Noises

Your boiler system should be relatively quiet when it’s in operation. If you hear a rumbling noise coming from your boiler, then it is most likely kettling. This is a serious issue caused by a large build-up of minerals on the heat exchanger caused by hard water conditions. It takes several years before you will hear this sound and it’s much like a kettle on your stove when you hear the water bubbling in it. Eventually, the mineral deposits will block the water flow and put immense pressure on the heat exchanger. If you hear this sound, turn your heating system off immediately and call for service. Another sound that indicates you need a qualified HVAC technician is a gurgling sound in the pipes that connect to the boiler unit and run through the house. It means there is air in the system that needs to be drained out to operate properly.

Strange Smells While the System is Operating

A rotten egg smell when your system is operating, is indicative of a gas leak that can be very dangerous. Turn the system off and call for a repairman to come to your home to repair the leak. If you smell gas, it is likely a propane leak in your system, which is also dangerous and needs immediate attention. If it smells like a dead animal and the smell is stronger when the unit is running, it is most likely an animal or bird died in the flue, which needs to be removed to allow for good airflow.

The System is Short Cycling

Short cycling is when your boiler turns on and off very often. This can be caused by a large number of things, including that it’s heating too quickly because the system capacity and load are not equal or poor temperature control. It could also be inadequate dehumidification or one of your major components is failing rapidly. If you notice this happening, you should turn the system off and call for service because the contact and relay failure may be pointing to it arcing and this will destroy the motor.

Benefits of Boiler Repair Service

There are many benefits of a boiler repair service because on each service call, we not only fix the issue but we also inspect your entire system. During a service call, your HVAC technician can thoroughly clean your entire system to increase your efficiency and give you more effective heating. These two items combined will save you money over the course of the winter, which is much more than the costs of a service call. A service call can also identify other components that are very worn so they can be replaced instead of waiting for them to fail completely and unable to heat your home. All of these items can lower your annual heating costs and boost your indoor air quality as well, which is important for families with allergies or respiratory ailments.

24/7 Emergency Boiler Repair Services in Zionsville

Your boiler system can just unexpectedly quit working even if you didn’t notice any telltale signs beforehand. It’s important to have an HVAC company that you can call 24/7 for emergency boiler service. We strive to supply all of our customers in the Zionsville area with the fastest and most efficient boiler services.

Maintenance Can Prevent Boiler Emergencies

Scheduling an annual maintenance appointment for your boiler before you turn it on for the first time in the winter can help to head off any emergencies down the road. Our HVAC technicians will clean the entire system and check each and every component. If anything is starting to fail, it can be replaced before it actually does. It seems that system breakdowns always occur in the coldest parts of the winter when your system is working hard to keep your home and family warm–and many times near the holidays when you have company at your home. Having your system checked out in advance can keep you and your guests comfortable throughout the winter.

Financing Options for Boiler Replacement

Depending on what the issue is with your boiler, sometimes the best option is to replace it entirely. At Efficient Systems, we realize how this can be a concern in the winter when all of your bills are much higher already. We offer financing for new boilers to help with the cost of the system and put your mind at ease.

Reliable Boiler Replacement in Zionsville, IN

At Efficient Systems, we are here to serve you with all of your boiler needs. We have 24/7 emergency services for repairs and replacement of your boiler system. Our HVAC technicians are all certified and we treat you like family as well.