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Zionsville, IN Heat Pump Repair 

HVAC systems that use heat pumps are used all year round for both heating and cooling your home. It’s important to understand that heat pumps may encounter more issues because they are used almost all of the time on a daily basis. When issues do arise, no matter how small, contact Efficient Systems for quick repairs.

Common Heat Pump Issues

When something is just off with your heat pump, no matter what time of year it is, it will, fortunately, give you some signs and symptoms that you need a certified HVAC technician’s experience to fix.

System Isn’t Running

If your heating and cooling system isn’t running, it can be one of several items causing this or a combination of items. The thermostat may be faulty on the inside of your home, so it doesn’t signal the system to run. The power supply may have issues such as a breaker that is tripped or broken wiring. At times, a very dirty air filter won’t allow it to come on because it blocks the airflow entirely. You may also be low on refrigerant or the condenser fan motor may have failed.

Frozen Outdoor Unit

In the winter, if your system isn’t working to heat your home, you can look at the outdoor unit and observe if there is ice on the coils. This points to the defrost mode not working and your system needing a minor adjustment or a replacement part if the coils are not working at all.

The Unit Isn’t Heating or Cooling

If your unit isn’t heating, it could be that the heat pump itself is frozen if the conditions outdoors are damp and the temperature is below freezing. This can also point to the defrost function not working on the frozen coils as well. The defroster will usually run about once an hour when the system is operating correctly, and you will feel cool air for a short time, but it will warm back up. This is absolutely normal. Even in the winter, your heat pump system requires enough refrigerant in order to work properly. You may need additional refrigerant added to the system because of a small leak.

In the summer, if your unit isn’t cooling it can be many different items such as a faulty thermostat, elements, blocked airflow from the outside unit, ice build-up on the coils outside, or faulty valves.

Short Cycling

Your heat pump may short cycle at any time of year. Short cycling is when it turns on and runs a short time and then turns back off and repeats this process continually. This can be a sign of the wrong size of the HVAC unit or a faulty thermostat. It can mean the unit is overheating or that the compressor is faulty and beginning to fail.

Strange Smells and Noises

If you are new to a heat pump for your home heating needs, you may not realize that it will make some odd noises that are normal. A wooshing sound that lasts several seconds is heard when it’s in the defrost cycle. You may hear a vibration sound that signals the need for new isolation pads also.

If you hear any sound that sounds like metal on metal, turn the unit off immediately and call for service. A thumping sound may also accompany this and it can be the fan blade hitting on ice or some other object. If allowed to continue, it would ruin the fan. If you hear any other sounds, such as a buzzing or gurgling noise, then you need to call a repairman in order to replace a part or add refrigerant to your system.

If you smell a mildew smell, there may be mold or bacteria in your heat pump. If you smell burning or an electrical short, turn the unit off immediately and call for help as it could be damaged wiring, a failing motor, or frayed wires that can make your home susceptible to an electrical fire. The smell of sulfur usually means that you have a gas leak.

24/7 Reliable Heat Pump Repair

Our heat pump specialists are at your fingertips 24/7 and 365 days a year, no matter what time it is in the day or night, on a weekend or on a holiday. We don’t take time off, because your heat pump to warm and cool your home doesn’t either. You can call Efficient Systems for service whenever you need us and we will be there shortly.

Heat Pump Maintenance to Limit or Prevent Issues

It’s a good idea to have a preventative maintenance call from a qualified HVAC company to save on costs. When you have a technician come out before you start to use the heat in the winter or the air conditioning in the summer, they will clean your entire unit and inspect it. Many times, a small item may need to be adjusted so your unit operates properly all year round. This will save you from having it quit, calling in a service call, and then having the repairs made. General maintenance is advised twice a year on a heat pump because it works hard all year long.

Benefits of Repairing Your Heat Pump

Repairing your heat pump when you have maintenance performed or if you need a service call,  can pay for itself in a very short time. You will reap the benefits of having more effective heating and cooling as well as greater energy efficiency all year round. These two items lead to much lower heating and cooling costs for 12 months of the year and you will have year-round operations without the need to be without your system due to parts failure.

Heat Pump Repair Services in Zionsville

Call us at Efficient Systems in Zionsville, IN for any type of service or maintenance on your heat pump system. We have been the premier company in the area since 1993 and have earned the 2021 President’s Award for excellence in service. No matter the day or night or the time, you can reach us at all times because we are on call 24/7 and 365 days a week. We work when you need us.