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4 Helpful Tips on Preparing Your HVAC System for Summer

Summer is just around the corner, but is your HVAC system ready for it? Without a functional air conditioner, the combination of heat and humidity can make your house feel more like an oven. Below are some of the things you should do to ready your AC for summer.

4 Helpful Tips on Preparing Your HVAC System for Summer

Clean the Ducts

Reliable heating and air conditioning companies advise hiring a professional crew for duct cleaning. Dirty ductwork can affect the performance of your HVAC equipment, and the presence of contaminants like dust or mold can worsen your indoor air quality every time you turn on the AC.

Remove Debris From the Condenser 

The condenser–the outdoor component of your air conditioning system–should be free from obstructions at all times. Since it’s located outside, it needs constant attention to prevent dead foliage and other debris from piling up on or around it. Remove any detritus or vegetation and get rid of anything that could restrict the airflow of your cooling unit.

Install a Fresh Filter

Improved indoor air quality is just an indirect benefit of using an HVAC filter. The chief role of such a filter is actually to protect the system’s internal components from large particles of anything that could compromise or be detrimental to the AC’s functionality.

Some air filters are disposable, while others are washable. No matter which type you have, however, periodic maintenance is a must. A clogged filter makes it difficult for your air conditioner to breathe, which in turn makes the AC work harder in its efforts to produce the appropriate amount of chilled air demanded by the thermostat.

Let Your AC Warm Up

Perform an AC test run before summer officially arrives. When the outdoor temperature reaches at least 60°F, this is a good signal that it’s time to see how well your cooling unit works. Be aware and use all of your five senses to identify red flags, such as strange odors and unusual noises, that could indicate something is wrong.

Turn to One of the Top Local Heating and Air Conditioning Companies for AC Service

Nothing prepares your HVAC system for summer better than service provided by one of the leading heating and air conditioning companies in the region. Call Efficient Systems at (317) 759-5562 now to schedule an AC maintenance appointment at a time and date convenient to you.