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New Homebuyers: Avoid These 5 HVAC Nightmares by Inspecting First!

Purchasing a house is one of the major investments and landmarks in your life. A perfect is house is more than just an elaborate structure. You need to avoid all the pitfalls that might compromise the comfort and convenience of your new house. The HVAC system is a vital component of any house. Think of the great inconveniences you will expose yourself to if the heating and air conditioning is defective or poorly installed.

Avoid These 5 HVAC Nightmares

You are not an expert in HVAC systems neither were you there when the system was installed into the house. Seeking the services of a proficient house inspection firm is a must if you have to avoid the following:

Emission of Toxic Levels of Dangerous Gases 

The heating component can result in incomplete combustion leading to the emission of dangerous gases that include: nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds and formaldehyde. Among these, carbon dioxide is the most lethal. The gas is odorless and tasteless making hard to detect. Unhealthy levels of this gas can lead to death. To avoid this eventuality, it is critical to inspect the heating system to ensure it will supply enough oxygen to ensure that combustion is as complete as possible.

Financial Nightmares

Remember that it costs money to run your HVAC system. On average this system can account for approximately 25% of your homes monthly energy bills. However, this will vary considerably depending on the type of system installed in the house and f its level of fuel efficiency. Only a certified HVAC inspector will establish these facts and advise you on what to expect from the system before you proceed to buy the house.

System Nightmares

The air conditioner is bound to work to keep your house comfortable. The life span of the air conditioner will depend on the quality of the materials used to make it and the level of workmanship put in assembling and installing it. It is in your best interest to ensure that the HVAC system in the house is made to serve you for the longest time possible.

Repair and Maintenance Requirements

As earlier said, the system is subject to wear and tear. It will require routine maintenance and repairs any time it raises the red flag. The challenge here might come with the availability of genuine parts for the system. It is vital to check out on the brand of the HVAC system and ascertain the technologies behind its operations. Without this you might end up with a system that experiences long downtimes as you shop around for necessary parts when it breaks down.

Energy Problems

HVAC systems use different types of energy to power the operations. Natural gas and electricity are the most common. Initially oil was the most widely used thought this is waning. However each of these sources of energy has its dangers. Natural gas can leak, with catastrophic consequences, if the fitting is not air-tight. Electricity can lead to short circuits with similar, if not worse outcomes. Oil will emit gaseous pollutants and since this energy source requires an oil tank to hold the oil, several factors will need careful consideration. A poorly located oil tank is a potential safety risk in your home. Only an objective inspection report from qualified and certified inspectors will give you the confidence to make an informed decision before you buy that house.

These are not the only potential nightmares you might experience from a substandard HVAC. Contact us for all your HVAC inspection requirements before you spend your hard earned money to buy that house. We will give you high quality professional service and ensure you have peace of mind as you make the vital decision to purchase.