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Is Your Home a Good Candidate for an HVAC Zoning System?

Upgrading to an HVAC zoning system allows you to regulate the indoor climate of the rooms in your home while minimizing your overall energy use. It enables you to divide your house into different zones in which the temperature can be controlled individually. In other words, one single thermostat doesn’t dictate the flow of heat or conditioned air throughout all the various areas of the house.

At Efficient Systems, Inc. we admit that zoned HVAC equipment costs more to install, and is more challenging to maintain because it has more components than an ordinary system. However, even with these negatives, a zoned HVAC system is still  well worth the trouble.

Below are some indicators that your house is a good candidate for an HVAC zoning system.

You Have Rooms That Are Either Too Hot or Too Cold

The number one problem zoned HVAC solves is to keep rooms from overheating or overcooling. Doing this is harder without the thermostats, control panels, sensors and dampers that monitor the air temperature of each zone in a zoned HVAC system.

Some rooms are bound to be hotter or colder than others due to the number of windows they have. Houses with multiple stories tend to experience significant temperature variations as well, due to the fact that warm air naturally rises while cooler air stays at the bottom.

You Have Areas That Are Seldom Used

If your HVAC system regulates the temperature of rooms that are rarely used or occupied, going zoned lets you economize on energy. The ability to control where the conditioned air goes allows you to heat and cool the areas that are actually used more quickly. 

You Have Family Members With Varying Temperature Preferences

Everybody is different; some prefer their rooms to be nice and toasty, while others want them to be chilly. Optimal temperature levels can induce sleep and eliminate discomfort.

With an HVAC zoning system, nobody has to meet halfway anymore. Everyone can enjoy the temperature level they most enjoy without sacrificing another person’s comfort. 

Upgrade to Zoned HVAC with Efficient Systems, Inc. in Indianapolis

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